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Revitalised and reconnected

Four days felt like two weeks. Simply amazing. From the minute one is collected at the airstrip, in a state–of–the–art off–roader, it becomes immediately obvious that every last detail has been thought of. 

The result is an experience of intense relaxation from start to finish that leaves one entirely revitalised and reconnected with both nature and oneself.

From the superlative game drives with hugely knowledgeable guides, the incredible and inventive food (served in multiple, stunning locations), endless beautiful cocktails, wines, beers and soft drinks, a truly awesome set up deep in the park on the banks of the Talek, rooms that continue to surprise and delight, the whole focus is on giving guests the best possible time.

And it succeeds, smashing even the highest of expectations. If you are comparing Ishara to other lodges, don’t. Ishara wins in every single category.

The Jefferson Family, UK

This place is magical

Wow! We cannot say enough good about Ishara. This oasis is so much more than just a property, it is a family, and they know just how to make you feel part of it. 

Every detail of this camp has been thought out and most even have a story behind it. We have been on over 27 safaris and this has taken #1! You will not regret experiencing Ishara. From the Canon Studio to the Star Bed, this place is magical. Did I mention they have Nespresso machines in their safari trucks?

Dave & Tracey Mani, Canada

It truly was incredible

We have been to many nice places around the world, and our family unanimously voted Ishara the best hotel/vacation we have ever taken! It truly was incredible, and there are so many things we really loved.

  • The hotel/room facilities were amazing! The rooms themselves were spacious and very well done. The people were so warm/friendly!!!! We loved Fairman who immediately took care of all questions. Our dining/drinks team were so warm and friendly! Our guide Anne was literally the best guide in the entire reserve (other jeeps always ended up following what we did). The Canon team were so helpful in teaching the cameras and editing the photos.
  • It was so obvious how happy people were to work at Ishara!
  • The Canon partnership improved our photos/memories 1000x! The equipment was so much nicer than we had, and they taught us things from zoom, shutter lens, aperture, etc that we never had learned. They then taught my boys how to edit. Such a smart idea! My ONLY recommendation would be to sell this going forward as we would have bought it on the spot!
  • The food/drink was great! Chef was awesome, and having the same dining team made it easy as they always knew our preferences/likes. We LOVED how they changed the setting for all the meals through the property/reserve!
  • Safaris – They have the best jeeps in the entire reserve, and again Anne was amazing. She always had great ideas/suggestions, and was always willing to go as early/late as the family wanted (and my boys loved it)!
  • Attention to detail: The spa was amazing. The hot water bottles a great touch. The ponchos/water bottles for the cold mornings, so helpful. Ishara literally thought of everything!
  • Mission! It was great reading and hearing about their vision and the story behind Ishara! I still can’t believe this is their first hotel – the attention to detail and experience is better than any major chain!!!!

I could continue going on and on, but it truly was an incredible experience. We can’t wait to go back!

The Patel Family, USA

We shared laughs, tears of joy and words of kindness

There are no words to describe how these past three days have felt. We came as a family and have been blessed by the most beautiful souls and shared our most precious moments yet.

We shared laughs, tears of joy and words of kindness – we are leaving with our smiles full of joy, our heads full of memories and our hearts full of love. We will remember these moments forever. We hope to see you very soon in this magical place you’ve created. Thank you for everything – sending you love and blessings.

Kate aka ‘Nashipai’, France

Indulgent rest for the soul

MAGIC! Ishara is both the ultimate in safari excitement and indulgent rest for the soul. 

It is luxury and comfort at every turn, thoughtful staff that anticipates every need, and contemporary Cordon Bleu cuisine that had us swooning. They consider EVERYTHING—guides who know where to get to the best photography angles; Canon camera studio with professional instruction, editing and printing; spa, gym—all in the heart of the Masai Mara Reserve.

The Graham Family, USA

Blown away by the passion and vision

I think the meaning of ‘Ishara’ could not be better symbolized than how our paths met. It was truly a case of following the signs of the universe.

We are blown away by the passion and vision for this place that exudes from every one that is linked to Ishara. We feel the connection with you in our hearts.

The level of detail in this magical paradise is one thing but the vibe here is where the real magic belongs, and you should be proud of what you have achieved. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your home with us; we will always be a part of the Ishara family. Continue to inspire and follow the signs, and we trust our paths will remain connected. Ishara is a place where everyone can truly reconnect with nature.

Matt & Dani, Denmark

These folks bring this place to life

We all need time to step away from the monotony of life and rest. While we filled our days here with game drives, photography, concepting and editing, my soul feels refreshed.

Thank you for giving me this time of rest and for nurturing my soul. The best asset you have – your people. I’ve made friends that are so much more than Ishara ‘staff’. These folks bring this place to life and make it so, so special. I can’t wait to see what’s to come for all of you.

Mary Beth Koeth, USA

A paradise for reflection

Ishara is truly magical. It is not just a lodge or camp but a paradise for reflection of the mind.

The quality is amazing and the food tops even five–star restaurants in any capital city of the world. Ishara will be my home in the Mara! Asante sana.

 Hon. Najib Balala, Kenya

It’s not goodbye, it’s until next time

“Wherever you go, there you are.” To the team, thank you to each one of you who has made my second experience at Ishara so special.

I felt at home. I’ve been in love with the Mara since 2009, so it’s truly remarkable that something new would impress me. Ishara is not only a worthy addition, but an elevation. The wildlife, the room, amenities, spa, cuisine and wine, the sustainable nature of it and uniquely the photography studio. I came solo but leave with a new community and some new friends. Thanks, Altaf and Eric. It’s not goodbye, it’s until next time.

Stanley Gabriel, South Africa

I hope to be back

Ishara is an environment where every flower will thrive and bloom. I have been so gloriously happy and enchanted with every single space and place here — 

my soul feels full — full of love and peace, and joy at being able to experience this unique place. Thank you to every single person here. Your vision soars like a Bateleur. I hope to be back.

Natalie & Andrew, South Africa

We arrived as guests and leave as family

An incredulous time spent in your magical camp and a once in a lifetime experience. The attention to detail is faultless. Such a perfect place to spend our “110th birthday.

We will hold our campfire blessings close to our hearts forever. To quote Fairman’s speech, “We arrived as guests and leave as family.” It was a privilege to share this little slice of heaven with you.

The Fane Family, UK

Our suite was absolutely beautiful

We have stayed at some of the most beautiful places in the world, but none as special as yours. From the moment we arrived, we were welcomed as family. Our suite was absolutely beautiful – with no detail left out. Impeccably clean and perfectly appointed.

We could hardly believe it was a tent! The porch and view of the river made the stay even more special. Finally, thank you ALL for helping us celebrate our milestone anniversary and birthday. Joseph’s hippo sounds to surprise me were just the start of the fun. The songs, blessings, gifts and smiles will stay with us forever.

Stephanie & Josh, USA

Ishara is unlike anything else

Thanks for the drinks, the jokes and the memories.

We shared laughs, tears of joy and words of kindness – we are leaving with our smiles full of joy, our heads full of memories and our hearts full of love. We will remember these moments forever. We hope to see you very soon in this magical place you’ve created. Thank you for everything – sending you love and blessings.

The McClain Family, USA

We look forward to our next visit

It is difficult to put one’s feelings into words unless you should be a poet. If we should be invited into heaven, it would be a sanctuary like this; surrounded by family that wants to please one another, all one’s needs provided before you had a need to ask. Long may it continue, and we look forward to our next visit.

Should anyone we know want to experience what we have in this short time, we will gladly guide them to this paradise – Ishara Masai Mara. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the memories. We came as strangers and left as family.

 The Neophyta Family, UK

Ishara and Africa shall always be in our hearts

You have made us feel completely at home. The love, smiles and care you have given us will always be remembered.

Every one of the staff made us feel so special, we have travelled the world but have never experienced such warm, loving hospitality. Ishara and Africa shall always be in our hearts. We will see you guys again soon.

The Talati Family, India

We fully recommend Ishara Camp

Our family spent four full days this August at Ishara camp. Our experience could not be better.

Their buildings and installations are excellent with all details and respect for the environment. They organised game drives for us that were fantastic. The food is first class, and above all, their staff is very efficient and extremely friendly from top to bottom. We fully recommend Ishara Camp.

The Jimenez Family, Spain

This place is really awesome

This place is really awesome and I love the studio and Eric the monkey and everyone here is so nice.

I hope to come back soon.

Sophia, Russia

I hope the signs lead me back to you one day

Ishara—the signs. Everything about this place comes back to the signs, and how we are all part of a larger working system and that we can co–exist in a beautiful way.

I was lucky to be able to taste a bit of the Ishara experience. From the warm welcome from the friendly and accommodating staff, the very carefully curated menus, the freshly baked goodies, the absolutely beautiful views, the feeling and reality of being immersed in the Mara, the feeling of being close to the animals, the tents themselves that contain even more than you would expect from the experience, the outside bath, the comfortable game drives, the environment where you can be somewhere new but come wholly back to yourself (I could go on): an experience I’ll never forget.

What I personally loved the most was the attention to detail. It gave me the feeling that it all matters – that Ishara cares about the environment it is in, its people, nature, that it takes its place in the Mara but with the utmost respect to it and trying to help you become aware of that too.

It would be a dream to be able to come back one day. I was in awe during the entire stay (and it was not my first time in the Mara).

Thank you, Ishara! I hope the signs lead me back to you one day.

Maartje Fritsche, Netherlands

No hesitation in recommending Ishara

I have been to many camps in my life in Kenya and this one outshines them all. The attention to detail, the atmosphere of the staff and management, coupled with excellent service and really good and healthy food, make this camp my all–time favourite. I have no hesitation in recommending Ishara to any of my discerning friends and family. The rooms are nothing short of spectacular and very comfortable.

The game drives are well thought out in comfortable and well–equipped vehicles. For photographers, this is the best camp. As an example of attention to detail, in the early morning it is cold in the Maasai Mara – each Ishara vehicle is equipped with ponchos and hot water bottles to ward of the cold! I wish I could have spent more time and will certainly return.

John Cosgrove, Kenya

Luxurious camp with premium service

Amazing experience. Luxurious camp with premium service.

Very friendly, professional staff. Amazing food. Eco friendly installations… the experience in the Mara would never be the same out of ISHARA Camp.

Amine Djouahra, UAE

Every detail completely blew us away

My recent stay at Ishara with my girlfriend was truly heavenly. Every detail completely blew us away. The safari rides were extremely informative and fascinating, the food was amazing, and the river suite was the definition of luxury.

The staff at Ishara is caring, attentive, and very friendly. They made the trip well worth a return. Eric, the on–site photographer, shone an eye–opening light on the world of wildlife photography for us amateur iPhone photographers. This is the place you want to stay if you’re visiting the Mara, trust me.

Pascal McGilvray–Guard, USA

Sufficient excuses for a return visit

With five–star food, spectacular views, modern rooms with both an outdoor shower and a riverbank bathtub.

Ishara embodies the simplicity of perfection. We left the futuristic gym, swimming pool and waterfall suite untouched to ensure we had sufficient excuses for a return visit.

Kethi Kilonzo, Kenya

Breathtaking experience

You have successfully created an immaculate and breathtaking experience in the heart of nature. The attention to detail, love, care, and commitment to service at Ishara make this place a world class hospitality destination.

I can comfortably say this is one of the best hotels I have stayed at throughout my life. Thank you for sharing this gift with the world. I hope you never change because it’s perfect.

Nanfa Nandap, Nigeria

Highly recommend

Ishara is truly a gem of a camp. Tastefully built on the river banks, the tents provide unmatched luxury & comfort throughout your stay. Everything has been thought of, from the Nespresso machine to the outdoor shower & bath. The food and snacks offered are of the highest quality, and most of their vegetables & greens are grown on site, ensuring quality & freshness.

The staff is absolutely amazing and would bend backwards to ensure all our needs and wants are taken care of. Their guides are very knowledgeable and their cars offer a comfortable ride and great vantage points to view (and photograph) the wildlife and scenery. The fact that they can actually provide you with a camera and have a pro come with you on drives to teach you how to use it (and later edit your photos) was for me unheard of – until I visited Ishara. Words and pictures will never do it justice until you see it for yourself. Highly recommend! (Cannot stress that enough).

Sharif Attoui, USA

Our stay here felt like an experience out of a story book

The last four days have been truly magical. It is hard to pen down our experiences in words. I feel no words can do justice to the calm, serenity, beauty and not to mention comfort that you extend in the middle of the jungle. Our stay here felt like an experience out of a story book.

The camp could not be more comfortable. It feels like a home away from home, and the staff is so friendly, caring, and hospitable that you truly feel like their family. Every element of comfort, practicality and aesthetics have been so well thought out and blend in almost seamlessly. The attention to detail shows the love and passion you have invested in this project. 

We are taking a part of Ishara back home, sealed in our hearts forever and can’t wait to be back. I’m so glad I followed the signs.

Aamir & Khadijah, Pakistan

We cannot fault it

Ishara Mara truly made our trip in Kenya unforgettable and incredible. Words cannot begin to express how amazing this camp is. We cannot fault it. The camp itself was amazing and had everything you could possibly need (there is even a gym, pool and spa!) The most special part of the experience was by far the staff and the guides who treat you like family. They went above and beyond in making it the most beautiful experience.

Isaac and the team of chefs catered to every need, specifically our dietary requirements (vegan) and the entire team accommodated any request with a smile, and went that extra mile with special touches. The staff are all so friendly and loving, and Peter (our guide), was so knowledgeable, funny and friendly – each drive was magical. We cannot thank you enough, Ishara for making this an experience of a lifetime and giving us so many special memories. We couldn’t recommend this camp more. For a special stay with everything you could possibly want and more, stay here! We can’t wait to come back.

The Dodhia Family, UK

The first proposal at Ishara

We would love to thank all the staff for their amazing hospitality and for a dream experience. We couldn’t have been happier at Ishara and with how amazing each and every staff member was to us, making each night special. 

We are so honoured to be the first proposal at Ishara and it was the most spectacular experience on the observation deck. We will definitely come back!

Dhruv & Ria, UK

Eating breakfast next to lions

Thank you so much for such an unforgettable experience. You all made us feel like members of the family and everyone went above and beyond to make our honeymoon incredibly special. 

From eating breakfast next to lions, to cocktails overlooking the river, to a spectacular sunset on the observation deck, our entire experience will be something we hold dear for the rest of our lives. Your love and hospitality were sincerely appreciated and we hope to be back with friends and family very soon. Asante sana!

Devon & Spencer, USA