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Ishara is THE Swahili word for ‘sign’, and in this majestic part of the world, nature invites you to embrace each moment as a sign

Welcome to Ishara

Our authentically Kenyan, world-class experience in the Masai Mara National Reserve is about more than just escaping the hustle and noise of daily life. Here, there’s a story embedded in each grain of earth, and a purpose behind every shift in the wind.

There are signs all around if you stop and listen.

Find yourself at Ishara

As travellers, we are seekers. Seekers of serenity and sublime experiences. Seekers of connection to the earth and the sky, and connection to our fellow beings. At Ishara, deep in the wilderness of the Masai Mara, there’s a new dimension of connection to be discovered. Connect with yourself, your soul, and your purpose like never before.

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The Mara

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The camp


Stories from the wild

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Take a stroll through Ishara and embark on a journey of immersion into nature unlike any other.