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Experience wild encounters

An Unrivaled, Exhilarating Adventure

There are signs or ‘Isharas’ everywhere. Signs of life, of beauty and of being reveal themselves at every turn.

Follow the signs and discover the secrets held by the vast plains of the Masai Mara. Listen carefully to the whispers of nature carried by the afternoon breeze, or the unified chants of the gathering migration; the drumbeat of a million hooves. Hear the mischievous calls released from the belly of the wild, or the last breath of the conquered prey as it echoes across the descending night sky.

Come as one person, leave as another

With one of the greatest bio-diversities in Africa, the Masai Mara boasts more than 95 mammal species, 550 bird species, and 1,000 plant species.

Our guides are masters in the art of wildlife spotting and are able to find and interpret tracks, animal behaviour, and other ‘Isharas’ to provide a captivating and in-depth safari experience. Hear dramatic stories of wild encounters passed down over generations, accounts of life in the Mara, and come to understand how these communities have coexisted with the land and wildlife over centuries.

Stories from the Wild

Discover the latest sightings in the Masai Mara and the stories that ignite our spirit.

The Mysterious Lives of Trees

Beneath our feet lies a complex network of roots, fungi, and microorganisms working tirelessly to nourish the ecosystem above ground. This hidden world is where the true magic happens–where nutrients are exchanged, ecosystems are interconnected, and life-giving processes occur. It is a reminder that what we see on the surface is often just a tiny fraction of what lies beneath.

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