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For more on-property wildlife sightings

A Congregation of Life

An oval-shaped wildlife waterhole has been established at the southernmost point of the camp. The waterhole has created a micro-ecosystem that sustains life, and is guaranteed to provide drinking water to wildlife throughout the year—regardless of seasonal weather conditions. Enjoying sips and dips here, we’ve seen cheetahs, elephants, lions, zebras, hippos, and diverse bird and animal species.

The Masai Mara and her spectacular sunrises and sunsets will quietly compete against these creatures for your attention. Guests have private access to our waterhole and can enjoy a sundowner or bush breakfast here. Lose yourself in the breathtaking kaleidoscope of colours emerging from the sky and watch as they kiss the stillness of the water’s surface, with captivating wildlife adding to the magic. This awe-inspiring experience is nothing short of surreal and something you will remember forever.