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As invisible as possible, for the good of the planet

Preserving our Home in the Masai Mara

We take pride in this place we call home and aim to not only preserve its natural beauty, but also to help it thrive. It is our mandate, responsibility, and privilege to ensure the utmost care for the Masai Mara. Under expert guidance, we have put together meticulous initiatives to ensure that our impact on the ecosystem is as limited as possible.

Renewable Energy

Ishara is off-grid, which is why we have invested in a 110KW solar-cultivating energy farm (comprising 275 panels and Lithium-ion batteries) to generate renewable electricity. Our biogas digesting system also turns food waste into usable cooking energy.

Water Treatment

We have implemented an extensive rainwater harvesting system capable of collecting up to 150,000 litres of fresh rainwater. Coupled with a water filtration plant, this supply caters to the hydro needs of our entire camp. Once the water is utilised, a Waste Water Treatment Plant from Bioliff Biorock© (biobox digester) ensures that the waste can be reused safely. The system produces effluent four times as clean as the government-approved standard that is then reused for landscaping irrigation, outside cleaning, washing of vehicles, and re-flushing of the toilets.


Harsh weather conditions and drought can be life-threatening to the Mara’s wildlife. A portion of the water from our rainwater harvesting supply is pumped out safely into our wildlife waterhole, guaranteeing safe drinking water for animals throughout the year.

Blending In

Our camp is nestled between the trees and blends into the surrounding landscape. The colour of our tents has been carefully considered to provide the best camouflage, minimising our visual and environmental impact.

Generating Growth

We are located on a site that’s lush and healthy, and we have planted over 12,000 indigenous trees to enhance this. Two nurseries have been set up in the camp to grow seedlings that will be continuously planted each year.


Our River Suites are set atop cantilevered structures to ensure minimal impact to the soil so that subterranean life can continue to live unencumbered. All of our structures have been layered with EcoBoard© (biodegradable board made from recycled and compressed Tetra pack cartons) instead of MDF. This has then been clad with teak flooring and decking that was farmed sustainably.

Tower Farms

Our solar-powered, aeroponic tower farms grow most of the produce that appear on the menu. The farms not only allow for incredible tasting meals, but they ensure that we are doing our part to keep the land thriving. Learn more about Ishara’s Tower Farms.

The Ishara Foundation

The Ishara Foundation has been established to enable guests to contribute to, and be a part of, something that will last long after their stay is over.