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Elevate Your Images: Our On-Site Photography Studio

The Mara’s First Official Canon Brand Experience Centre

Ishara encourages you to capture every incredible moment of your stay here, which is why we have partnered with Canon to create the first official Canon Brand Experience Centre in the Mara, a world-class interactive and artistic space at camp.

Complete with high-end Canon cameras, lenses, accessories, binoculars, photo printers, a professional photo editing suite, and a resident pro—whether you are a professional or a first-timer—Ishara gives you the chance to explore, learn, and hone your photography skills.

The Professionals

Our resident professional photographers are specialists in wildlife and portrait photography and can complement your itinerary with a selection of on safari and in-camp photoshoots, guided photo safaris, shooting and editing sessions, and photography classes and tutorials. Use our Canon printers for professional-quality prints that you can take home with you. (We even supply the packing tube!)

The Vehicles

Our fleet of custom-built, luxury Land Cruisers, exclusively designed by Ishara, provide the ultimate photography vehicles. From panoramic views to removable seats for totally flat shooting angles and padded storage for stowing away unused lenses or valuables—our vehicles are designed for maximum comfort, flexibility, and professional use.

The Guides

Our expert guides have thorough knowledge of the terrain and are well trained to not only find incredible sightings and photographic opportunities, but also to put you in the best possible positions to capture them yourself.

Stories from the Wild

Discover the latest sightings in the Masai Mara and the stories that ignite our spirit.

The Mysterious Lives of Trees

Beneath our feet lies a complex network of roots, fungi, and microorganisms working tirelessly to nourish the ecosystem above ground. This hidden world is where the true magic happens–where nutrients are exchanged, ecosystems are interconnected, and life-giving processes occur. It is a reminder that what we see on the surface is often just a tiny fraction of what lies beneath.

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