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A Whole Different World Within Our World

Experience the true heart of the wild on safari, where the adventure goes beyond normative game drives. In the enchanted realm of Ishara, a miniature world unfolds.

Vibrant purple and orange mushrooms adorn the winding pathways, while once-dormant mosses transform into a spongy spectacle. The bark of trees, adorned in lichens like colourful dresses, bears witness to the transient dance of nature, thriving under the nourishing rain.

As you stroll through camp, a vibrant symphony of life surrounds you. The rain is the pulse of life, bringing with it the sweet melodies of cicadas, crickets and birds that will serenade you into the very heart of Mother Nature. Snails move through the lush greenery as if they are backpackers on a wild journey, weaving together a captivating landscape.

At Ishara, a whole different world thrives, urging us to appreciate the intricate threads that weave the tapestry of nature. The presence of lichen and moss symbolise an untouched and unspoiled environment, one that is brimming with life and vitality; akin to pure and truthful children, they reveal the state of their surroundings without hesitation. Fungi, with their millions of years of evolution, harbour secrets of their own. Communicating in frequencies beyond human perception, they form a mysterious kingdom within our world, a testament to a time before all else.

The life of safari ants is filled with wonder and awe-inspiring displays of teamwork. These industrious creatures forge new paths and construct miniature bridges, showcasing their incredible ability to work together for the greater good. As we marvel at their impressive abilities, we can’t help but draw parallels to our own intricate biological systems. Like the cells in our bodies, the environment relies on these tiny creatures to maintain its health and functionality. It’s a reminder that every living being, no matter how small, plays a crucial role in the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

The winds carry storms from the west and the sun’s rays dance through the lush tree canopy like spotlights, illuminating the iridescent threads of spider webs delicately draped on branches. In the midst of the awe-inspiring big game, it’s easy to miss the true gems that reside in the tiny details. But if you take a moment to connect with these delicate creatures, you’ll discover a whole new world waiting to be explored.

Photo credits: Imara Njeri, Eric Averdung

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